Nurturing your green shoots

For any for-profit organization to be successful it needs to do two things:

1      Create value for clients, and

2     Capture a fair share of that value for themselves.

Unless we are creating value for clients, we have no right to capture value. But creating value is insufficient for success. If we create value for clients but are not successful at capturing a fair share of the value, then we are going to be less profitable than our peers and increasingly compromised in the war for talent.

Many leading professional service firms have a very strong focus on creating value for clients. They invest in getting to know their clients so that they can serve them better. They pull in all the resources needed to address often challenging timelines. Expertise is never compromised. But when it comes to capturing value, few firms regard it as a key competence. Few firms believe their pricing and delivery capability provides them with a competitive advantage.

We can help you build that advantage.


We provide a comprehensive range of pricing and project management services tailored to professional service firms.



We have decades of professional service firm experience and are globally renowned in our field.



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