The professional’s guide to pricing

Stuart was recently interviewed by James Cash for a major International Bank’s mid-size business blog. The topic chosen was one very close to our hearts here at Positive Pricing - how professionals service firms can get better at pricing their services and delivering value to their clients.

The following link to the article expands upon this theme.

Transparency Time for Legal Pricing ?

On 6 December 2018, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)in the United Kingdom issued new rules around pricing transparency. This was driven, in part, by over 25% of complaints received concerning fees and costs charged and to give you and I – potential customers – the opportunity to make more informed choices.

Whether you provide the legal services covered by the new rules or not, the concept of greater pricing transparency simply makes more business sense. Doesn’t it?

The rise of eAuctions and knowing when to walk away

The phrase “we have been invited to participate in ‘client X’s’ eAuction” is guaranteed to be met with a series of groans within many law firms. In part, this is due to a fear of unknown, but also the more justifiable fear of one’s legal services being ‘commoditised’ where price is seen as the sole determinant of value. Yet, it is something that we need to get used to.  

Embracing Positive Pricing to benefit you and your client

When you think of discussing pricing with your clients, what emotions does this generate? If you are like most professionals, it creates a level of anxiety. While you hopefully enjoy the work you do, pricing often seems to be a barrier to success – it gets in the way of us winning work and creates tension between us and our clients. Most professionals can list multiple examples of where they would have won the job, if only the price could have been less. Or worse still – where pricing conversations with clients didn't end well.