Our Legal Project Management Services

Getting the delivery right is often given less thought at the beginning of a project or matter, yet is where significant value can be lost.  Take advantage of our know how and avoid these mistakes.

Legal Project Management Audits

Reviewing existing project management methods and approaches can often quickly highlight where project management improvements can be made.

The audit is conducted via a series of structured interviews with key stakeholders, appropriate financial analysis, review of existing processes (if available) and a survey of partners or key stakeholders. The key deliverable is a series of recommendations focused on opportunities to a) improve project management outcomes in the short-term and b) improve the overall project management capability of the firm in the medium-term. 

Legal Project Management Strategy

Project Management approaches can vary by client, practice area and even by client team or individual partner.

We work with practice groups and client teams to determine and document project management approaches appropriate to the group. The strategy covers the appropriate adoption of project management for the respective groups, recommended resourcing approach, and, high level benefits case to capture the desired fee and associated profit whilst enhancing overall client satisfaction.

LPM Scoping Workshops

Working with your Firm's Executive Committee, we conduct a half-day scoping workshop to explore:

a) Your project management challenges and opportunities,
b) Establishing your project management function
c) Developing appropriate PM governance, policy and process
d) Gaining rapid adoption of PM within your organization, and
e) Quantifying the benefit of PM to your firm and your clients. 

LPM Excellence Workshops

We have developed a range of workshops specifically designed to elevate the project management capabilities of the firm to the next level. These workshops include:

• Establishing your optimal LPM function
• LPM organization design
• Creating and credibly demonstrating value
• PM governance, policy and process
• Driving successful PM adoption and engagement
• Exploiting your PM capability for your firm AND your clients
• The next level - (Re) defining your LPM roadmap.